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Internet Marketing ( SEO )

SEO, also named Search Engine Optimization, is the most popular online marketing and advertising method in recent years. The main purpose is to increase the exposure of specific keywords to increase more visitors to access your website, thus increasing sales opportunities.

Search engines are proven marketing channels offering enormous rewards to those that know how to use them effectively. Each year more and more people use search engines to research and buy products and services. Everywhere you turn there are articles in leading magazines and periodicals pontificating about the power of search and how it is currently changing people’s lives and the impact it will have on our future. Our goal is not to convince you that search engine marketing works (we have already done that five years ago), our goal is to help you create and run an effective overall search engine marketing campaign that delivers bottom-line results. Combining expertise in Search Engine Optimization and Paid Placement, Sky Bagan will help you outline, establish and achieve your online marketing objectives.

Search engine optimization (SEO), also known as search engine positioning, or SEO, means to optimize website content as well as search engine popularity to gain high search engine visibility. The ultimate goal is to attract more potential customers visit your website.

SEO Advantages:

1. Visitors use some keywords to search for your web page, for example, visitors in Yahoo, Google, Baidu will use "Web Design" to search for HK web design company. SEO to improve website ranking will be more effective than banner advertisement which is higher visibility but lower click through rate.

2. 100% - 7,000% increase in search engine traffic and improved quality of search engine traffic.

3. Significant increase in number of high search engine ranking.

4. Increase in online sales - Increase in ROI.

5. Easier found by overseas searchers which means more overseas business opportunities through SEO.

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