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Computer Networking

The benefit of setting up a computer network

Do you need to share files?
Do you need to share documents?
Do you need to share database?
Do you need to share printers?
Do you have more than one computer?
Do you want to have Internet Access in all computers?
Do you like to exchange e-mail?
Do you need communication between each computer?

Having a network connecting all computers of your office even among offices lets your work more efficiency. A network has a function of sharing various applications including printer, files, fax and broadband Internet access. We provide professional network cabling services in-matching the different interior designs of customers' corporations. The services are provided on a basis of not disrupting daily operations while performing in the most effective way.

To set up a computer networking, several factors should be concerned:

Area of computer network. e.g. LAN
Environment for setting up computer network
Number of computers involved
Requirement of data transfer rate

The setup cost will also be adjusted according to these factors. Based on your requirements and environment situation, we will design a computer network system that best fit your needs.

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